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Review on the 5 Best Colleges for Psychology

A psychology degree is one of the most complicated but exciting courses and careers that many students would want to get. Students are encouraged to take this course because experts say that in every company, there is a department that needs a psychology professional to handle the mental and emotional issues of their employees. With this, psychology is an in-demand and lucrative career. It is then best to take the course from a top college. In choosing the best school to get the psychology course, students need to read some reviews, so that they can have a clear picture of what the college offers. There are many good colleges that offer psychology courses that students can enroll in.
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5 Best Colleges for Psychology

1. First on the list is Stanford University

Here in this college, their psychology department was one of the first to be created and still holding strong up to this date. This university is located in California in the San Francisco Bay area. It produced numerous alumni that now have a lucrative career in their profession, and psychology graduates enjoy a compensation salary about the minimum for a start.

2. Second is the Harvard University

This well-known school is producing a lot of graduates that are always on top of their class, especially in the psychology department. This institution can be found in the Boston part in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and their enrollees are growing higher each year even though they are one of the toughest universities to get into.

3. Princeton University

This institution has already a name for itself in terms of its Psychology department producing Nobel Prize Winner and 6 illustrious awards that have been given by the American Psychological Association, and then 3 William James Fellow awards handed down by the American Psychological Science. And more are still coming. They have established themselves as one of the top schools to be considered for the course of Psychology.

4. University of Chicago

In the year 1983, the school’s psychology department was founded and made it one of the oldest yet high quality producing graduates in terms of the psychology course. Students from Chicago and other states are listing it as one of their top destinations in college because of the reputation it has.

5. Duke University

Students from this school are graduating with an iconic name on their diploma, especially in the psychology degree. Duke University has produced a huge number of alumni who are now seated on some of the top firms in the country.
These are the 5 best colleges for Psychology for the students to take on their list for consideration in getting in to. The rank and reviews of these schools will help them to decide and have a great future ahead of them.