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First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of Auto Mobile Code. What you’re about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing a slot of this program yourself.

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Today, mobile phones have evolved to smart phones. It has various applications like the Internet and Facebook.

The intriguing fact is that mobile phones can also be used to make money online.

Auto Mobile Code is a revolutionary program by Giovani Leoni. It offers techniques and steps how to earn money fast and easy. This is made possible through combining blogging with mobile advertising and marketing.

Also, Auto Mobile Code has software that enables you to build blogs and automates landing pages to build a list of mobile subscribers’ number. The product provides instructions and training through high quality videos for you to learn the process and properly applied the techniques.


Auto Mobile Code enables the user to make a mobile friendly website and pages. This is done through accessing AdMob (a mobile PPC advertising service) and to design some ads that will serve as a gateway to your website. Cell phone users will click ads and purchase products using your affiliate link.

Also, Ads are like Google AdWords (a pay-per-click or cost-per-click in advertising a site, text, rich-media ads or banner). People will see it whenever they will download something from mobile stores such as iTunes and Ovi store.

However, you cannot endorse it without “Building a List”. It’s saving all the mobile numbers of your subscribers by using opt-in forms. Through text messages (SMS), you can now promote anything you want.

Furthermore, Auto Mobile Code has four modules or tools to execute the software properly. This includes The Builder (which will help you how to start a business), The Buyer Sniper (You will be taught how reach a buyer traffic), The Automator (which will repeat the process), and The Competition Rework (the advantages of getting more traffic and high competition).

What can it do to improve my online business?

Auto Mobile Code promises that you will earn more cash in every minute of the day. Using Auto Mobile Code system, you will be landing pages to get the subscribers’ mobile phone numbers. Once you’re done, you can send ads to those numbers.

Auto Mobile Code might sound uninteresting because it is merely creating a phone list. If you’d only dig deeper on this program, you can actually create many ways to make more money with your phone list.

Imagine that your products and services will be promoted through mobile subscribers, and they eventually visit your page. Imagine that what if half of 5.2 billion subscribers will click (which is $2 per click) to check your ad in just one day. How much can you actually profit? Isn’t it resounding?


  • It maximizes promotion of your products and services.
  • It is effective in terms of marketing because subscribers will click your ads if they find it intriguing.
  • Auto Mobile Code is the first on its kind, unique and helpful.
  • It features easy ways to take advantage of the developing mobile marketing industry.
  • The money is fast growing through this technique compared to computer users. Also, it doubles opportunities to earn more aside from internet users.
  • The Auto Mobile Code system has nothing to do with Ranking Websites, Buying Backlinks, SEO and Article Marketing. Unlike with making personal website, every component needed should be paid.


  • Because it’s new in the market and the promising words of getting much money appears to be scam, people are doubtful about the product unless it will be proven true by buyers
  • The purpose of the product will only be realized with good traffic, but if you can’t drive the traffic, then there’s no way you can make what they promise.
  • Auto Mobile Code is only limited for those who are beginners to the online business.


The Verdict:

Auto Mobile Code has a unique method program (as described by most Auto Mobile Code Review). It’s specially designed software to collect subscribers’ mobile numbers, to build a blog and to get paid through ads. Though it is pricey, but the benefits you may have in the long run are worth paying.

Initially, I think it’s worth giving a try. I’ve dealt with various smartphone apps in the past. So far, Auto Mobile Code is number one in my list. The fact that the developer is offering a money back guarantee is a strong indication that their product is the real deal. So why wait? Grab your license now.