A. Why Interested In Health Information Management Admission Essay Sample

Published: 2021-06-18 05:10:02
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Re: Letter of Interest
I am greatly interested to pursue a program on Health Information Management (HIM) for the reason that this particular profession proves to be a challenging, yet rewarding career path through the integration of three disciplines: health (science), business (management), and information technology. Thus, the opportunities for personal and professional growth are many and diverse.
B. Experience with technology
As a contemporary student in this generation, I am the recipient of vast applications due to the fast and never yet reached technological advancement of this era. The exposure to various technological discoveries and the ability to use them for various applications make me skilled and proficient with technology.
C. Plan for success specific to completing their degree
I plan to pursue continuing education even after completing the degree. Since changes and updates in information technology are fast-paced, I acknowledge that as a future manager in this field, I need to undertake programs and trainings that focus on leadership development and professional growth. Only through being constantly and regularly updated of new developments and future trends in HIM would I be more effective in this profession.
D. Knowledge and understanding of the profession
Vast information is available and accessible to those who want to learn more about HIM.
Thus, my current knowledge of HIM pertains to the overview of this particular discipline as an
integration of the three relevant fields (business, science and information technology). The respective fields are broad as fields of specialization and HIM’s focus of application in the health care industry make it more dynamic and multi-dimensional.
E. What activities has the student been in engaged in to prepare them for a career in Health information to include but not limited to: outside interests; organization affiliation; and employment history?
I had been a participant in various socio-civic organizations; including joining volunteer works in local communities; as well as in programs that enhance social awareness and responsibility. These programs include joining environmental sustainable programs that aim to protect and preserve the environment; advocating for physical fitness through sports and regular exercises; as well as promoting health awareness through fighting obesity, eating nutritious food, and being spiritually attuned to ensure holistic approach in health care.
I hope the information disclosed herein would sufficiently consider my genuine desire and intention to pursue the HIM program. Thank you.
Very truly yours,

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