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Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:48
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Influencing my organization and my role as an action scientist

As an action scientist and as the associate Dean of the college, my roles and responsibilities will involve taking the college on a path of progression, by virtue of my leadership, administrative skills, and professional knowledge. My duties would include developing and promoting the effective implementation of academic courses, for the better learning of the students. I am also responsible for the proper selection, training, and retention of faculty, as well as the examination department. I co-ordinate between the members of different departments, and review proposals for any changes suggested. I also plan the college proposals in conjunction with other members on the College Board, and plan for further improvements to the college facilities. Another important duty involves developing good professional relationships with other organizations to increase the chance of inviting these companies for college placements, to provide better outreach programmes for enhanced learning for the students, to raise more funds for the betterment of the college, and to arrange sponsors for college fests and other programmes the college arranges.

As an associate dean, my responsibility also lies in building an excellent alumni network, and stay in touch with distinguished members of the college for facilitating alumni relations. The marketing of the college needs special attention, and it is my duty to contribute towards the same, as well.

Further, as preparatory services for the college, my duty will be to use my technical knowledge to take some advanced classes, and also help train the faculty sometimes. As an action scientist, my job will be to lead the members of the college for individual, as well as group enhancement. My role will be to increase the professional effectiveness of the people involved with the college, and encourage them to shoulder responsibilities by themselves. The people would be taught how to deal with changes and cope with stress, and work together to solve problems and reach effective and pragmatic solutions.

The areas where the college could improve are manifold. Improvement is continuous, and must be encouraged. The areas where as an associate Dean I feel, the most improvements are needed are the finance department, the placement facilities, and the coursework. Helming the responsibility of the

Influencing my organization and my role as an action scientist 2

In the placement scenario, even if most students get placed, there must be an impetus to attract more companies to offer jobs to the students, and with higher packages. There must be more number of job offers than the number of students, so that the students can choose the best option. The college must approach companies, and build a good image for better placement opportunities.

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