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Published: 2021-06-18 05:48:36
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ADOCOO Company Ltd.
Jebel Dhana Airport
Jebel Dhana, UAE
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +9712-6040000
Fax: +9712-6669785P.O. Box 270, Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates
RE: Wafa Hamaresh
Start date of employment
This letter confirms that Wafa Hamaresh is currently an employee of ADCOO Company Ltd. in the position of a communications officer, since 7 January, 2012.
Whether the contract is limited or unlimited & End date of employment
The terms of employment will only be wound up, upon Hamaresh’s retirement in 2052, or resignation.
Wages, Allowances & Working hours
The officer is on permanent and pensionable basis and is to be starting salary of AED 6225.99. The employee is also entitled to both stipulated and performance-based bonuses of AED 1285.6 and AED 1469.69, respectively. The starting salary is in total conformance with the Federal Law No. 8 of the 1980 Regulating Labor Relations and the emended Federal Laws No. 15 of 1985, No. 24 of 1981 and No. 12 of 1986.
The undersigned is also entitled to extra payment when she works overtime. The calculation of these allowances will be done according to set company standards.
Probation period
Wafa Hamaresh has been in full time employment with the ADCOO Company Ltd. since 7 January, 2012. At the time, Wafa Hamaresh served as an intern and was on probation, for the probation period of three months. This was in total conformance with the employment laws as is stipulated in the Regulating Labor Relations and the emended Federal Laws No. 15 of 1985, No. 24 of 1981 and No. 12 of 1986. These labor laws stipulate that an employee is to be engaged in short-term or contractual basis for more than six months. As is the case with all ADCOO Company Ltd. employees, Wafa Hamaresh was absorbed on full time, permanent and pensionable bases.
During this probation period, Wafa Hamaresh was entitled to a minimum salary of AED 1836.57. This was still in observation of the Federal Law No. 8 of the 1980 Regulating Labor Relations which entitles every worker to a wedge. After the confirmation of Wafa Hamaresh as a permanent employee, she was entitled to house, vocational flight tickets and educational allowances.
Holiday (annual) leave, Sick leave, Maternity leave, Official holidays & Hajj leave
Wafa Hamaresh is also entitled to an annual leave of four weeks. Sick leave is also catered for and is brought into effect when: (a) medical attention is necessary; and (b) when the provision in (a) is to be accompanied with bed rest. The employee will also be entitled to maternity leave and will be effected upon the production of a letter from a medical officer. The undersigned is also entitled to rest in all public, official and religious holidays, including Hajj leave.
During the time of the employment contract, Wafa Hamaresh will have to work for 40 hours per week. The working schedule is normally restricted to weekdays, unless the employee in her own volition prefers to clear the backlog on a weekend.
Details of when the employee can terminate the contract
As with all ADCOO Company Ltd. employees, Wafa Hamaresh’s continued employment will be premised upon her performance and her volition. The latter is informed by the fact that the aforementioned employment law is cognizant of the principle of employment-at-will. In this light, Wafa Hamaresh is entitled to the right to resign, retire and/ or to leave employment for greener pastures.
Termination of the contract
The organization, ADCOO Company Ltd. like any other employer also reserves the right to mete out corrective measures on Wafa Hamaresh or any other employee.
Details of when the employer can terminate the contract
ADCOO Company Ltd. as an employer reserves the right to mete out corrective measures on an employee in the event of gross misconduct, indiscipline and perennial underperformance. The corrective measure in this case is fully within the ambit of the law.
End of service benefits
The employee is fully entitled to all end-of-service benefits is stipulated by the Federal Law No. 15 of 1985 and the company’s HR laws, except if the employee’s terms of employment have been term terminated.
The employee and personal life
Other personal decisions that may affect the social life of the employee (such as adoption and the number of family size) will in no way affect the prospects of the employee’s security of tenure.
Saif Mansoori,
Chief executive officer,

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