Admission Essay On Considering Your Lifetime Goals, Discuss How Your Current And Future Academic And

Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:50
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Successful endeavors start with a dream – an explicitly defined goal. I envision myself as a catalyst of technological and global transformation. My lifetime goal is to become an active contributor in the fields of computer science and business, disciplines that have manifested unprecedented growths. As such, my academic priority is to pursue higher education in Computer Science, with Business as a second preference. Concurrently, I had been privileged to undertake academic and extra-curricular activities which perfectly match prerequisites for the intended programs and would help achieve my personal and professional goals.
Computers have been in the midst of contemporary generation’s academic pursuit. My personal and academic experiences with computers were initiated with my parents’ direct involvement in the software industry through their respective work experiences. As such, I developed genuine enthusiasm in software programming starting with coding in C++, Java, and finally elevating to Python, with its complex and dynamically robust semantics. With the skills gradually honed in this specialized field, my activities expanded from programming languages on my personal computer to dismantling and assembling computer hardware for friends and relatives. Everything about computers fascinates me. The passion and drive to learn more would be satiated through advanced theoretical frameworks and applications in programming, as well as in partitioning, hard drive installation, and implementing appropriate codes according to designed programs. I strongly believe that with continued advancement in science, engineering, and telecommunications, further computer applications would be discovered and applied varied fields.
Likewise, I have the innate desire to establish a non-profit venture for Specially Abled People (SAP). The ultimate mission is to manage and govern members who strive to elevate the values, ideals, and philosophies of professionalism in business. I plan to generate financial resources to support programs that promote entrepreneurship, social responsibility, global awareness, as well as innovativeness in management and leadership practices. These objectives could be fulfilled by plans to undertake an undergraduate degree in business.
In addition to the passion in computers and business, the selections of extra-curricular activities to delve into mold other facets of my personal well-being. I volunteered for the non-profit organization known as Sewa International. The word ‘sewa’ is revealed to literally mean ‘service above self’. Volunteering in this organization embodies putting the interests of others as a paramount advocacy. The volunteer work includes tutoring middle school youths, conserving and preserving the environment through cleaning efforts (Galveston Beach), and providing food to the impoverished local communities in downtown Houston area. Concurrently, I am also active as a volunteer for the a cultural-based institution where community and youth programs require assistance through the provision of tutoring, enhancing health and safety awareness, as well as in sustaining upliftment of the spirit through counseling and mentoring. These extra-curricular activities develop personal sensitivity, consciousness, social responsibility, and a focus on humanitarian pursuits.
The academic and extra-curricular activities would be instrumental to the achievement of my lifetime goal through the holistic development of my well-being. Pursuing a degree, either in computer science or business, would enable me to generate a steady source of income to support my hierarchy of needs. The fruit of one’s labor would be productively shared to others through my extra-curricular activities, which I intend to continue in the future. I strongly believe that each individual exists to fulfill varied purposes in life. More than the objectives of merely surviving, people have the providential objective of improving the welfare of others. We are given opportunities for personal and professional growth not to indulge in selfish pursuits; but to uplift the lives of the needy. My chosen profession is the vehicle and medium to share my talents and skills in the field that I love best. By being passionate in this career, I am confident that my professional contribution would eventually facilitate in attaining self-actualization. More importantly, the profession would ensure that I have maximized exercising my full potentials in helping improve other people’s lives.

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