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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:42
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I am applying for admission to the Drexel University / LeBow College MS Accounting program to help fulfill my long-term career objective to become an outstanding finance professional, yet committed to continuous learning and ongoing self-development so that I will make a significant contribution to the success of a growth-oriented organization. A graduate degree in Accounting will not only help me to widen my academic knowledge but will also help me prepare for the CPA Examination (Certified Public Accountant). I believe that LeBow College, as one of the longest-established and premier business schools, ranked in the top 10 in the U.S., will offer me the highest quality of education in my chosen field.
I am confident that my background, my experience and education to date are ideal for entry to this program, which will help me build on my existing knowledge and skills, and will provide me with opportunities for networking with like-minded individuals sharing similar ambitions, all combining to help me progress towards my career objectives.

In terms of relevant experience I have already gained a broad perspective, working in retail banking, customer service, sales, and property management. In the latter role I oversaw operations that included staff supervision and training, cash control, marketing and promotion, and customer relations. As a consequence of my varied experience to date, which has included key activities in accounts departments, I consider that I am already becoming an accomplished professional with a proven track record of success. When functioning in a sales capacity I consistently achieved sales targets and led the company to increased revenue generation, and was able to demonstrate relationship management skills, developing solid relationships with staff and clients to achieve goals in team-oriented environments. I also possess excellent communication and presentation skills.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration from Laurentian University, Barrie (Ontario). Coursework included Financial Management, Using Financial Information, Management Accounting & Control, Principles of Accounting, Business Statistics, Business Strategy and Policy. During that program I led a team of five in a Market Research project for Lululemon (athletic clothing manufacturers). We determined a strategic plan based on SWOT analysis, market research, pricing, promotional and sales strategies. Based on that, we developed the most effective, efficient, and feasible combination of options to solve the perceived problems within the boundaries of the firm's objectives, then presented our findings to a group of senior Lululemon officials.

Following that degree course I attended a Canadian Securities course at the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) in Toronto, where topics covered included Special Banking Transactions and Products, Canadian Regulatory Environment, Standard of Conducts, Ethical Codes and dealing with Client Accounts. Earlier this year I attended the Conduct and Practices Handbook Course (CPH), also at CSI, which was valuable in helping me obtain a broader knowledge of regulations for securities professionals.
My interests include current affairs, fitness, photography and playing a classical guitar. I believe that my interest in current affairs in particular will be an asset in my professional life. I am also confident that this MS Accounting program will set me firmly on the path towards a successful career as a financial professional.
I thank you for your time and your consideration of my application to be admitted to your MS Accounting program.

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