Admission Essay On Why College Education Is Important To Me

Published: 2021-06-18 05:10:04
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I. Introduction
II. Body
First, college education is important to me because, since my childhood years, I have always looked up to my professional parents and cousin with successful careers. For instance, my cousin would always sit down with me and talk to me about how college was like for her. She told me through her point of view why college education was important to her. She truly found out who she was and what she was capable of because of her college education. Hearing this inspires me to graduate from college. Without them I wouldn't be so compelled in school . I am currently studying in computer information system. I have great experience in computer science. I want to be able to work later with my degree in a field that I love and fulfill my aspiration which is to be happy with the life I am living. Thus, come that day, while working for Google or other big companies, I also want to do volunteer works. I will share my professional knowledge, skills and values to those who need it, especially in some remote places in our country. Taking aside the monetary side of having an excellently paying work in the future, a college education is important to me because it would provide to me worthwhile real-life learning opportunities, which would hone further my proficiencies.
Second, a college education is important to me because I will not only be a professional with a fulfilling career, but would also someday have a family of my own who would look up to me just as I looked up to the persons I am proud of their accomplishments in life. At Ashworth, I strongly believe that the education it would offer to me would further enhance my basic educational skills. I want to learn from their highly qualified faculty members who hailed with national and international achievements. I like to be like them who are experts in their field, too. With perseverance, honesty, and extra effort, I cannot do the same thing. I would be able to “[stand] on the shoulders of giants” before me and then accomplish more in life (Turnbull). Afterwards, I can contribute what I learned in four years of higher education to my other people. Hence, I fervently believe that a college education would turn me into a better person, which I could not do without a college education. Though it is true that an educated person is someone whose value is not in the diplomas he/she has in life, it is still a highly significant factor in life.
Third, a college education is important to me, not only personally and professionally, but also interpersonally. Just like what I learned in my childhood and adolescent life, friends and co-learners make the world as colorful and meaningful as it is. With an online college education at Ashworth, I would also have the chance to exchange bright, innovative and creative ideas collaboratively with my online co-learners. The world is just too small these days that, at the click of a mouse, I can connect with them and other netizens worldwide. I expect to learn more from an online multicultural intellectual learning community. I have so much to share, just like my would-be classmates. Most likely, they would like to inspire others with their stories, just like me who also would like to inspire others. With the kind of internal motivation that I have, as an independent learner with out-of-the-box thinking and insights, I can share more of what I have as I learn at Ashworth. I may not be the perfect student that many world renowned universities have in their institutions, but I am a person who constantly strives to improve myself and others by means of hard worth, luck and above average intelligence.
III. Conclusion
In conclusion, Martin Luther king Jr. once said, "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education" (IZ Quotes). This quote makes me think of how true education should be. The meaning of this quote in my perspective is that the function of education is to teach us how to be wise in the way we do things, and being smart and true to ourselves is the importance of true education. No matter what the situation is in life a person is going to come across many challenges and difficulties. There are things that we are going to have to face, but how you get through it is what defines us. College is one of the many challenges a person is going to have to go through. He/She cannot accomplish many things without a college degree. Likewise, education makes a person very powerful. Knowing that a person has taken the challenge and instead of giving up the success makes very inspirational, he/she too would be able to change the world in his/her own special way. That is why having a college education is important to me. Not only am I thriving to have a college degree, I am also planning on getting my bachelor degree, which is the key to my success.
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