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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:14
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Lewis and Clark College’s education initially grabbed my attention when I discovered it offered students the opportunity to engage themselves internationally on several different levels. I learned, on Lewis and Clark’s campus, I would be able to put my desire to expand globally to use because it is advertised specifically as an institution that encourages such endeavors. Since I was a young child, it has been one of my primary goals in life to expand my entrepreneurial horizons beyond my own community. As I grew, I wanted to reach beyond my own neighborhood, then beyond my own city, then beyond my own country, and eventually across the world. However, I was, and still am, unsure of how to do so. I have relative ideas of how to bring my innovative ideas to fruition, but am not arrogant enough to believe I do not require guidance to allow my ideas their full and deserved potential. I believe that an education as Lewis and Clark could help me with this. In return for educating me on how to expand my future endeavors to a global level, I believe I could also help impact the campus in an equally positive way. I am eager to contribute to a campus that is eager to contribute to my future. As a member of young and innovative generation, I am privy to many new and exciting ideas involving “green” technology. I would like to be a part of any initiatives on campus that focus on cleaner, healthier living. These can include recycling, repurposing, campaigns to end smoking, the encouragement of bicycling, public transportation, or walking, solar power, and more energy efficient practices such as turning off appliances when on leaves home. In a technological world, I would also like to be a part of any plans on campus that aim to prevent cyber-bullying and other forms of cybercrime. While I believe that technology is a wonderful thing that has made the world smaller, people more connected, and information more accessible, I also believe that technology can be used to harm others and those who wish to do good in the world should put a stop to those who want to use these gifts for evil.

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