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Published: 2021-06-18 05:50:04
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Overview of Marcus’ Case
The case is about an automobile parts company which is expanding into Hongkong. The human resource manager is supposed to come up with a staffing solution for his company in order for the global operations to kick off.
Key issues
The key issues include; an expansion of Banks Industries into a global player, staffing of the offshore operations and a challenge in determination of the best strategy for this expansion from the point of view of the HR Manager. In addition, the plant will start in the next six months.
One of the alternatives for Marcus is filling of executive positions with employees from the US. The other option is filling all the positions with individuals from Hongkong. The third option is mixing individuals from both countries at all levels of management.
Potential solution
The solution for Marcus is mixing the employees from both countries across all positions. The benefit of this option is that Banks Industries will have experienced members of staff intertwined with members of staff who understand the culture and practices of the country of expansion. Therefore, the experienced staff members will stand for the policies of the organization while those who understand the Hongkong culture will be instrumental in adjusting the company’s operations so as to fit with local needs.
Conclusion on this case study
Based on the issues facing Banks Industries, I conclude that international expansion is a strategic decision that should be evaluated from the manufacturing point of view and the human resource perspective. This will ensure that the international organization does not fail in the expansion.
Supporting research
The research for this case is based on relevant materials in international expansion. These materials reveal the importance of evaluation of international expansion from a human resource perspective.
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