Article Review On A Systematic Review Of Research On Children Of Alcoholics Their Inherent Resilience And Vulnerability

Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:05
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The study conducted by Sihyun et al. (2014) indicates that children are directly being affected by their parental drinking problem. Therefore, children of alcoholics significantly have dangerous results during their stage of development and growth, for example, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, interpersonal difficulties as well as substance abuse.
The article indicates that most children of alcoholics who had experienced negative relationships with their parents possessed a greater degree of complications and risk, (Sihyun et al. 2014). The article claims that parental alcoholic abuse can significantly lead to negative attitudes towards parenting relationships. It includes poor parent-child as well as poor communication, negative attitude towards parents and greater levels of emotional, alienation longing, and less trust among parents. As a result, this negative attitude among children and parents was related to signs of depression in COAs.
The article shows a number of surveys with possible negative results among COAs due to the subject’s age incorporated across studies. Parents play an important role in child bringing such as toddlers, and infants are greatly affected by their attachment and relationships with their family as well as parents. In contrasts, the article indicates that alcoholic parents offer a violent and adverse home that is full of depressed parents, (Sihyun et al. 2014).
In conclusion, the article shows the result regarding both resilience and vulnerability in children of alcoholics. The article also articulates how the factors that greatly affects COAs that were grouped into four levels, including, families, parental, social, and individual factors.
Sihyun Park; Schepp, Karen G. (2014). A Systematic Review of Research on Children of Alcoholics Their inherent resilience and vulnerability: Journal of Child & Family Studies, Vol. 23(2): 1-9.

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