Article Review On Research Methods And Sex Differences, Personality And Cculture

Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:09
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Research methods and sex differences, personality and culture
Researchers from the article have extensively used experimental research approach to analyze data on sex differences in personality traits. The research findings were developed from mathematical modeling and statistical inference. The experimental research used compares the data relationships between sex differences, personality and culture, showing correlation between these variables (Schmitt, Voracek, Realo, Allik, 2009). Data obtained through experimental approach is more reliable than descriptive approach that just gives observable qualitative data and gives hard support to correlational research.
A suitable alternative to the experimental method used would have been the correlational research approach. Correlational approach gives a causal relationship between two or more variables. Data from correlational approach is less complicated and easier to comprehend and would therefore, make it easier to analyze the data but still gave the same weight as so did the experimental approach.
A quantitative variable is a quantity that is typically measured by assigning a number to each individual. From the article quantitative data provided is in the form of z-scores in women and men personality differences. A sample is a small subject of the population. To make it possible for data to be manageable sample data since using the whole data array would be too costly and non-manageable. Sample data is used in the experiment of sex differences, personality and culture (Schmitt-et-al, 2009). A statistical relationship exists between two variables when the average score on one differs systematically across the levels of the other. Such a relationship exists between sex differences, personality and culture.
The article is able to establish statistically that a relationship exists between sex differences and personality. Women have been found to be tender and more anxious while men have been found to still remain more assertive and risk taking.
Bruck, M. (2009). Human figure drawings and children’s recall of touching. Journal of Experimental Psychology:Applied, 15, 361–374.
Schmitt D. P., Voracek M., Realo A., Allik J, (2009). Why Can’t a Man be like a Woman? Sex Differences is big Five Personality traits across 55 cultures. Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology. 94 (1), 162-182.

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