Article Review On The Origin of Old Earth Geology

Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:54
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The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century The author of this article explains the geological phenomenon regarding the debates in terms of the development and creation, coupled with the social, spiritual and moral consequences of the debates. As such, Mortenson provides information on the current theories regarding the new theories about the history of creation. The article further explains the contention of the scriptural geologists, the nature of the 19th Century debate, and the relevance of such debates in the contemporary society. Strengths The information given by the author regarding the historical contention of new theorists on the subject of the historical perspectives of creation is a good starting point, because the information enlightens the reader about the main argument that the new theorists advance. The author further provides a sneak preview of the debates that existed before the emergence of the new theorists. Due to this, there is a point of departure for the readers who are unaware of the contrasting debates, which have previously existed and the new positions taken by the new theorists. This form of introductory strategy gives one a better comparative understanding of the pre-existing debates and the theme of the article before the author delves further into his argument. The presentation of the information is strategic and follows a proper flow of the thoughts of the author. Because of the proper information flow, the reader can understand the information that the author tries to convey. This aspect is further complemented by the author’s use of subheadings and first person’s writing. Further, the author considers other arguments made by other scholars regarding various relatable issues.

The use of other writings from other scholars makes the information that the author presents scholarly. Referencing the information from other scholarly sources makes the information in the article more convincing. About the foregoing, the author presents the information by relating the past, current and present geological debates, as well as their effects, is proficient. Weaknesses The information that is presented in the article and how it is presented does not favor young readers. Young readers might encounter difficulties in trying to understand the information due to its complexity. The fact that the information presented is accurate with considerably many references, it affects the originality of the author’s information. Too many references show that the author is only reproducing what other scholars have already considered. Accordingly, readers may feel that the author used some references merely to increase the frequency of the citations rather than using only the most relevant citations. It shows that the author is only summarizing the references rather than analyzing them. The article and the information provided by the author are educational and can be used as a precursor for further research and debates regarding the creation and development phenomena.


Mortenson, T. (2003, August 5). The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century. - Answers in Genesis. Retrieved April 7, 2014, from

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