As Concisely As Possible, Please Explain Why You Intend On Pursuing Your MBA Studies Admission Essay Sample

Published: 2021-06-18 05:10:10
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When people asked me what undergraduate degree I finished, I would answer, “I graduated from American University of Beirut with a degree in Computer Science in 2004.” Then, people will immediately add the question, are you planning to take your master’s degree? My response would sound like this,” Of course, I will enrol myself in a master’s degree in Business Administration.” Once I have uttered those words, people would often look at me like I have suddenly grew two other heads or something and will bombard me with additional questions like, why are you pursuing that degree is it not different from what you took. To be honest, I get where most people are coming from, my decision to pursue a graduate degree in Business Administration is too far from what I finished for my bachelor’s degree.
With my out-going personality and people-skills, I believe that I am fit for the fast-paced life of the business sector. Due to the ever-changing global demands, the field demands all practitioners, to be always on their toes. It requires someone innovative and brave. I know that I possess those skills; I took a risk when I decided to start again with my career. I want to make use of my experience and hopefully find a common point between them and theoretical education.
In this line, I want to pursue a MBA degree in your esteemed institution. The university’s promise of molding its students into globally competitive professionals made me chose this school. It is important for me to receive education from such institution especially since I do not have much theoretical background. What I can offer the institution is my signature enthusiasm and positive outlook. I believe that this profession is vital in today’s society. The world is practically run by businesses and transactions. There is never a dull moment in the profession because it develops and progresses together with the changing time. The trends are always different. I want to venture in this profession because I want to remain intellectually-challenged. I may not have thought of pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business, but I am certain that this career is for me.

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