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Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:56
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Through properly analyzing the context of the book The Death of Artemio Cruz, it is notable that the book explores various social aspects. The diverse issues discussed are in relation to the activities that were taking place during the period of authorship of the book. The book tries to develop a theme that is surrounded by the different issues that affect various societies. In this instance, it is the life of Cruz that is under review where his life encounters are evaluated against various social values (Fuentes 23). Throughout the book, it is evident to note the various social aspects that are analyzed from different perspective. However, it is acknowledgeable that power is a significant social aspect that is critically analyzed in the text. This is in relation to the impact that it had on Cruz and different people in the community that is being reviewed which is composed of Mexicans. This paper will provide a deep analysis of the diverse matters that are handled in book giving a clear understanding of the various issues. This is unlike other study that provides a summary analysis of the ideal plot of the book. Power will be the main argument that will be under scrutiny in this paper. This is evident at extent that the characters in the book go, to stay in control in spite of the numerous challenges they undergo. The relevance of this study will be to evaluate the impact that the fight over power has in promoting community norm depredation. s
Through a critical exploration of the book, it is clear that the narrator uses flashback to give the story at hand (Fuentes 11). The story revolves around the life encounters of Cruz who in this instance is the main character. In this instance, the theme of the story is developed from his life encounters that are constructed on flashbacks that he has during his last minutes of clinging on to life since he is at the verge of death. The theme power comes to life through the numerous achievements that he has had in life. However, his rise to power is not genuine based on the means that he used during his early years to accumulate the wealth and social position that he came to gain. It is clearly put that the power being referred to in this instance was obtained through unfit means that negatively affected numerous individuals. This is because Cruz was a soldier, therefore, it is stated that he used his position to push for things that were not socially acceptable. His moves were evidently made in consideration to the authority that he may have had and the need to exercises dominance over the people under him. Through properly analyzing the book, it is acknowledgeable that his rise to power and wealth is essentially based on the need for authority and dictatorship.
Through critically analyzing the life that Cruz led during his healthy life, it is inevitable not to note his life was aimed at promoting self-satisfaction. This is despite the authority where he had been entitled with the responsibility to serve and protect. His self-interest is what is seen to be under serious criticism in the book. Despite his current condition where Cruz is in his deathbed, he continuously clings to the mentality and notion that he has surrounding power. This is evident based on the regards that he has about power where he want to be in control until the last minute. Power is seen to be a serious subject due to the extent that the different characters go to certify that Cruz acknowledges the mistakes that he made throughout his lifetime.
The need for power and control and power is also evident through the betrayal that Cruz faces through his secretary. This is, whereby, the secretary brings forth tangible evidence that disclose the various corrupt dealings that he made to acquire several things. Through this move by the secretary, it would be proper to state that this was made out of self-interest. This may have been in efforts to get Cruz to release his will, which would have indirectly benefited the secretary (Fuentes 31). Looking at this move from different perspectives, it is evident that the provision of the will would have resulted to a win-win situation in favor of the Secretary and the family. This is because through the wealth that Cruz would have left behind; the beneficiaries would have assimilated power to a certain extent.
The significance of the theme power, which is under analysis, is properly analyzed in details near the close of the book. These evaluations are made through the diverse damages that the need for power caused in the Mexican society. In essence, it is clear that there are a few ideal values that can be learned. This is based on the implications that the fight for power caused in that community and the damage that eventually causes to the characters involved. Through the analysis that has been provided, it is acknowledgeable that power is among the significant issue that is brought to light. Further study needs to be conducted to establish the role that greed play in facilitating the issues that are evaluated in the book. This is because, all the effort that was made by Cruz to secure the property and power that he gained was out of greed. Thus, he had little or no consideration of other members in the society. This is evident through properly examining the text. An advanced analysis would create an understanding of why he had so much greed despite the consequences that would result from the things that he did. Greed would also be an essential factor to analyze in relation to how the family pressured him to release the location of his will. Such an analysis would be essential in providing a deeper understanding of the book.
Work Cited
Fuentes, Carlos. The Death of Artemio Cruz. Fondo de Cultura Económica. 1964. Print.

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