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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:30
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Communication evolved numerously in recent years because of scientific progress and technological revolution in the twentieth century. The media have become an essential part in raising public interest regarding issues of the social problems. Media is a major source for the public to get different kind of information regarding all political, cultural and social issues because of the social effectiveness and widespreadness. The media have ability to communicate with the bulk of the community. Different source of media has the potential to influence which does not directly picture the formation of social awareness.

Television represents an influential element in the life of communities as a publisher, and promote essentials ideas for thought and culture. This element actively contribute the process which forms the social awareness of individuals as well as family and educational institutions. Media is considered as important social institution for economic, political and social content societies that don’t have the ability to consolidate a culture and identity of the community. This identity leads to falsification of awareness and corrupting the minds. Young people form the branch of the society are affected by the media. Teens gained knowledge due to the evolution of the media, especially with the help of satellite channels, which describes the media as a variable which represent social and cultural ideas in young people's lives. Media have become as the main source of information and learning process. It is one of the sources of the formation processes of social awareness in the current era. Celebrities and athletes, writers or actors have social responsibilities to community in raising awareness about social issues using media. They need to reach the society because society play a big role in the lives of young people and regard them as their role models. Athletes should also have social responsibility towards their society.

Athletes do play an important role as effect that impale young athletes so they take a responsibility to shine as a spotlight on community issues especially youth one. For example, Wonman Joseph Williams is a black Athlete, who plays football for the University of Virginia. He said that he has responsibility to support social issue which is the low wages problem, he created the Campaign which is called "Living Wage Campaign". Williams participated in hunger strike with other students in the University of Virginia. Because of this strike he lost dozens of pounds. He participated in this strike with other students because he was born in a little poor town in Virginia and he knows what poverty is. By supporting his society he want to overcome the discrimination and exploitation of human beings that left a small spot in the history like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King is going to help him. The social responsibility of writers are based on reflecting good aspects for the community to support people who needs help and to solve their challenges.

There are many social youth issues that people are suffering in the United States. Such people live in the reservations and don’t feel safe because they are exposed to sexual and physical abuse and suffer poverty or racism. Youth in the United States need writers to reflect their suffering to the American readers so, they can find a solution to their social, health and security issues. Writers in the United States of American should have social responsibility for awareness about social problems. They need to use media to reach the society and discuss youth issues problems. Writers have ability to implement great changes on the society because most of the population read their novels and articles. Sherman Alexie is the writer and novelist, who have experience as a Native American, since he lived in the Spokane Indian reservation.

He visited high school in Seattle and talked in front of students, about sexual and physical abuse, depression, suicide attempts, poverty and racism. The main purpose of his visit was to inspire them by telling his life story experience in the Spokane Indian reservation and about his dream to get a good quality of education. He tried to explain that students have to fight for their dreams no matter what. Actors are the most celebrities that effect people life because they are the most visible on the television. They should use their popularity to shine on social problems. For instance, David Lawrence is an American actor and producer, he participates in campaign for victims of rape abuse and he is member of "The Rape Foundation in Santa Monica” campaign. He takes this all seriously because he has people close to him who are exposed to sexual abuse. Finally, celebrities should use media to reach people and make them take a role in campaign’s life

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