Electronics Unlimited Toronto Case Study

Published: 2021-06-18 05:50:35
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Electronics unlimited Toronto
Mike is an employee who is unsatisfied with the company that he works. Due to poor working conditions that prevail in the previous company, he moves to Toronto.A marketing opportunity presents itself to him. Electronics unlimited is an upcoming company, and it has a post for marketing. Mike decides to apply for the opportunity that prevails itself, and the company-managing director Frank Wilson sets him for an interview.
Electronics unlimited Toronto is a growing company gives an opportunity to Mike, who is working in Toronto. The company is new, and it is growing at a fast rate in sales. It operates both from home and the head office in the company. It is a promising company in the near future. This study case focuses on what is taught in the class. It seeks to evaluate what happens to issues raised in the text in the class concerning Electronics Unlimited. It focuses in the recommendation on such a case and how best it can be implemented.
Electronics unlimited is a Toronto company that provides customer with electronics. This case study focuses on the journey of the company from establishment to where it is. It started from a sales marketing firm to manufacturing of electrical appliances. It looks in depth on the actual steps it took to be competitive in the market. It addresses the company designs and it ways of sales and marketing. The appliances it sells are of high tech that makes it stand a better chance than the rest of its competitors. It uses this opportunity in bring out innovative products that move in the market faster than the rest of the competitors. Unlimited electronics strategy in marketing depends highly on its ability of the technology revolution in the market. The revolution comprises of a good marketing platform and a well-functioning company infrastructure.
Mike was interviewed together with other four members. They met in a conventional room where they discussed deliberately on the way forward for the company. The group looked at all policies of the company and how it affects the functioning of it. They also met the staff of the company and ironed out issues that delay the well function of the company. The issue staff that raised are looked and ironed out. They come up with resolutions on the way forward for the company.
The company is new ideas are easily accepted, and it is termed as a dynamic company due to the flexibility of the management in the company. Mike Craig made use of his experience in marketing that he had learnt from his previous department on agriculture. Though his previous department had low activity, he was eager in joining the company for more work. Harry Smith, on the other hand, had moved from a previous job in Quebec. He had rather a hostile experience from the political temperatures that it hard for them to do business. He was reserved on the kind of job he would get into, but the one that he was offered in unlimited electrical was fit for him, and he geared to make the company grow. John Mitchell, on the other hand, was not well exposed in the job market. Corrigan and Marcus played against each other in college teams.
Mike moved in the new company with a lot of zeal in the marketingfield. Together with other four colleagues, they were employed in Electronics Unlimited. The made use of four strategic marketing and management changes namely Revolution, Adaption, revolution, and reconstruction. During the forming process of the company, each employee was made in charge of a specific department in which they are to foresee the growth of the department. The departmentsgrew very fast. Change start to be felt when the company started to make profits.
Unlimited Electronics shows signs that it has gone for reconstruction to be a fully-fledged company making profits. Reconstruction made the company involved in a certain kind of confusion when each manager was left to run their departments alone. They lived to the task and did not disappoint in executing the new duties. The reconstruction involved a major structural change in the company functioning that leads into cutting cost of running the company due to the declining financial crises. The market conditions that prevailed made the company restructure.
Mike and his management team took control of the company by making steps that ensure the company remains profitable by cutting off all unnecessary costs on the company. The next six months ensures everyone got well versed with the jobs in the company. Everyone implemented what he or she had resolved in the previous meeting. Areas that come up and needed polishing they were polished in due time. They also run a revaluation on how the company is fairing on well. They could work from both the office and at home. This activity ensured maximum productivity in the company, and they met once a month to evaluate on the progress of the company. Operation managers have the opportunity in learning on how the company is run and during lunchtime, they could interact with the workers.
They all come up with a proper way of managing the company and structured chains of management on how the company is to be run. It is a growing opportunity for the young managers since they could do the job on their own with little or no supervising. The structure management system included the following. The president name Jerry Munroe who is assisted by the vice president name Mike Holden. From there, they are four managers who are in charge of the normal operations of the company. They include the following. The sales manager names his Jim Fleming. Paul Leblanc runs all works of general administration in the company. The manager in charge of the personnel in the company is Frank Wilson. Mike Refuse is the one who is in charge of the manufacturing in the company. John Mitchell runs the R D departmentvery well. This type of management leads to the company to turn out to be successful, and all issues had a specific department to be addressed to.
Implementation and recommendation
The company should focus on employing task force that comes from the surrounding in the area. It helps making the local community benefit from the company itself. The management should fully implement all proposals that have been passed by the managers. Each department should work in achieving the goals that have been set on each. The firm should invest in promoting integrity in its staff members to avoid incidences of law suits. Increasing volatility in earnings can be reduced by balanced geographical diversification because earnings volatility is mainly caused by central bank policies. When the firm has diversified evenly geographically, decisions from one central bank will not adversely affect profitability. Concentration on key products means that the firm is not well diversified. Balanced diversification of products can be done by aggressive marketing of minor products. High staff turnover can be minimized by investing in employee loyalty programs and also rewarding employees in form of remuneration and promotions.
Much emphasis is to be given on the local community. The company ought to define strategies that benefit the local community at large. It should be involved in community helping projects that will help push the locals an extra step ahead. Unlimited Electronics Company should help in conserving the environment of the locals at large.
The company should implement the use of modern technology. The world is turning out to be technology advance, and the company should move up to speed with the occurrences. Technology will help the company in marketing and reaching a wide scope of clients in no time. Making use of social platform in reaching clients like Facebook is ideal in marketing the company.
The company should emulate other electronics company like Sony and come up with a strong brand for marketing. The company does not have a brand, and that makes it stand a weak chance in the marketing world. It needs a strong branding to woo customers to their products.
The website for the company is not developed well, and it needs a lot of construction to ensure easy access. The website should give details on how the company runs and everything associated with it. Well-detailed website helps customers to access the company from the comfort of their workplaces that makes it ideal in accessing it.

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