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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:11
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Part one: Feedback.

Kourtney Rockas

Kourtney, you have displayed outstanding character traits in your way of doing things. Observations have determined that you are very organized. Your organization strategy is amazing since it incorporates all the activities that we should incorporate in our learning process. For instance, your way of organizing your study plan in terms of the units and the co-curricular activities is appraising. You have not only influenced my study habits, but you have also influenced my strategy of organizing my studying schedule. In the recent times, we have spent time together; it has been influential for me since I have managed to manage my study habits. I precisely intend to take after your learning habits since I have also experienced an affirmative change since I tried to emulate your example of conduct.

One significant change that we have experienced from you is your strategy to create a systematic pace for every member in this group. Ideally, you are actively challenging in your ways of doing things. That has encouraged the rest of the members of the group to engage in an all-inclusive but competitive learning environment. Everyone is gaining momentum that is deemed essential for successful learning experience. We are glad that through working with you, we have managed to work as a united team. The previous competitive environment that you influenced in the group has enabled everyone to have a union category of working relations.

Your collaborative trait has enhanced the continuity of this group to an interesting wavelength. This has also encouraged the members to contribute the success of the group in order for them to accept the mistakes they make.
We have identified appropriate and outstanding leadership qualities manifested in you. Ideally, the current analysis of your personality is deemed to encourage even more people to want to work with you. However, I believe that you can maintain the character in you. However, it is vital to make an effort and praise people’s abilities equivalently. That is; must you do not alter what you are capable of doing.

Joseph Kerkhoff

Joseph, you are a very efficient person in your endeavors. We might be deemed to have similar learning styles. That is; our learning strategies are the same and have approximate commonality. However, there is something that is unique in your character. You are in a position to carry out funny activities and at the same time do right in the group. I would also say that you are compromising in what you do. That is; you are always ready to look for solutions where they are least expected. Your ability to provide an alternative has given life to the entire group.

The group counts on you prevail ability to help it to have a solution to problems that seem difficult. You have always provided us with optimal solutions to the problems facing us. Ideally, this is one of the basic reasons why you always stand a better chance to be the creative designer of the projects carried out in the group. The manner in which you address the issues that are strenuous to us is exemplary. For instance, the way you pass on your ideas is quite authoritative. This means that you can manage to perform well in a leadership position. However, the authoritative character is quite discouraging to the weak members. It is not appropriate for us to have this kind of environment if the group is deemed to have outstanding results.
The teams objective is to enhance cohesion and jovial coexistent during the process of working together. It is considerable for the group to have you as a leader and core contributor of the group’s success. However, must you incorporate some humor and understanding in you address. I would wish to recommend you to adopt different strategies that will effective address the people who have different attitudes and capabilities within the groups, as well as the society at large.

Cody Cavinee

Cody, we have had some time looking for intellectual individuals. However, you are an outstanding one. However, you are characterized by the forcing strategy of dealing with issues. That is; you do not give any chance for any failure in the group. However, it is essential that you consider cooperation as part of the group work. You are afraid of being challenged. Particularly, you do not approve of the competitive effects that are probable to come your way.

Recent studies about you indicate that you are brave. In fact, no one else is as brave as you are. Your response to the instructors and professors is always prompt. Most probably, you are always right. We can accrue that to the persistent character that you have of studying the class and additional unit material to bust your intellectual knowledge. This means that the brain power that is manifested in you is admirable.
However, in a bid to ensure that you remain outstanding in your knowledge and character, you should ensure that the communication part is worked on well. Must you try and engage the rest of the members of the society in your endeavors? You are a probable and suitable future leader. However, if you do not work on these weaknesses, it may be difficult for you as you try to make it in life.

Brooke Dean

Brooke, you are one of the renowned persistent individuals I have come. Honestly speaking, I have a feeling that I like you persistence and determination to get comprehend the essence in each of the subjected questions.

You are always eager to obtain perfection in any situation or problem that faces you. Ideally, this is one of the privileges that a learner should have to succeed unbeaten. You apply the forcing, as well as, the collaborative strategy to get to where you intend to reach. This means that you do not believe in defeat of consultations. This means that you are assertive by virtue.

I am forced to conclude that you are on the right track. That you are a the human being who is aware of the wrath that can be extended by non-well-wishers. However, it is important to identify with the compromising attitude. That is; it is important to lend others your ear. You cannot be perfect all the times. There is a need to do what others expect and deem accommodative. Ideally, must you embrace the ideas that are provided by other people. Being a persistent student is essential.

Abdullah Algohany

Abdullah, you are quite selective and well established. You are appreciative of the diversity in the sources that you use in the process of carrying out research. Precisely, you have caused differentiated opinion to crop concerning the issue of having limited options. In addition, you are essentially instrumental in appreciating the other people’s opinions. You have practically influenced me to divert towards being selective in the sources that I use to deliver a substantial contribution.

You are efficient in terms of diversifying and having alternative decisions based on which the group should source the information. It is an alternative strategy that most members of the group have arrived. You are the source of this idea. We have pleasure to consider you as the preferred asset in the group. The diversity created, as a result, of your contributions has influenced the interactive status of different cultures. This is the basis of the differentiated world views. On the other side, we can also manage to discard the feasible biases.
Being an all-inclusive person is very essential. Therefore, being a leader assists you to be in a position to interact and appreciate what another culture is having within them. This can only be developed from the group’s endeavors. You will learn from different characters.

Part two: criteria

Ideally, the feedback is issued in terms of the individual’s performance character traits. Some of the character traits include the communication and relational skills. In addition, it also includes the responsibility analysis of the members of the society that are deemed to provide an ingenious point of influence. It is essential to find that the group aims at being productive through enhanced cohesion, specialization and course mastery. Ideally, this criterion corresponds to the essential factors that promote specialization and ensuring team consistency.

Secondly, the feedback is based on the manner in which the members of the group are assessed according to the strategies thy use to solve the conflicts. Ideally, the assessment done to implicate the feedback is essential to show the manner in which the groups ensure continued unity and congruence in reasoning.

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