Example Of Creative Writing On Fiction Project

Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:51
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2 Main Character Sketches
Character sketches #1: Kara. Single mother. She prides herself at shopping at rummage sales and thrift stores to cut down costs. When she goes to the grocery store, she always spends $50 and plays a game with herself to try to see how much many meals she can procure for only $50. Kara comes from a family where she had an alcoholic mother, but a hard-working father. She credits her father with raising her into the adult she is today. She is not entirely sure who that is, but she works and takes care of her child, so she feels proud of what she is doing. Her biggest problem is self-doubt. She fears that she could be working less and making more if only she had time to better figure things out. Kara feels like life moves way to fast and that she is so busy always doing things that there is never the time to build a future. Sample dialogue, “We do what we can to get by. If there were a better way to do it, then maybe you should show me.”
Character sketches #2: Trista. Trista is a grade school aged girl who loves playing with clay. She has a “secret stash” of clay that she keeps under her bed. At night, she likes to go under her bed with a flashlight and create characters who then populate stories of her creation. Sample dialogue: “Mom, when does the sky run out of blue and turn to black? How come other kids can have a dog but we can’t here? If there’s no desert then there’s not much point in getting through dinner for nothing is there?”

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