Example Of Physical Therapy Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:33
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A sports injury I had in college sparked my interest in the field of physical therapy. I was greatly fascinated as my physical therapist evaluated and treated my injury within the span of several weeks. The explanations he gave me about my injury and the techniques he used for treating me brought my imagination to life. They allowed me to visualize everything that was happening inside my body. Every therapy session was a learning experience, such that I decided to take my interest one step further shortly after I recovered from that injury. I volunteered at a physical therapy clinic and right from the first day, I knew that I was meant to be a physical therapist.
Even before college, I already had a fascination with the mechanics of the human body. This fascination led me to explore many fields of work that pertained to my anatomical interest. I got to work with a dentist, a medical doctor, and a pharmacist, and I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. However, it was after I worked with a physical therapist that I discovered a passion for the field of physical therapy.
Through that work, I learned that the human body was made up of more than just the skeleton and muscles. I found that the body was an intricately designed puzzle that could be solved through mere manipulation and strengthening. My appreciation of physical therapy rapidly grew through my volunteer work, and I realized how valuable the field was.
People often take physical therapy for granted because they consider it a luxury while others treat it with disregard when they forego the necessary treatment. By becoming a physical therapist, I would like these people to see what I have learned through my observations. I would share with them my realization that we are amazingly resilient beings, as confirmed by our recovery upon the use of the proper physical therapy techniques.
I also believe that I have the characteristics to succeed in this field. In particular, I am a very sociable person and I love working with people. My many years of providing service and tutorials at my local church have also taught me to interact with a variety of people. I then believe that these traits will enable me to provide optimal care for my patients and to contribute to their comfort and happiness. With health care providers having to deal with people of different ages and backgrounds on a daily basis, I believe that my experience will enable me to effectively do so. I understand that every patient and injury is different and I am capable of extending compassion towards each patient. In addition, my genuine empathy will allow me to positively interact with patients and my imagination will be useful especially when working with young children. Furthermore, my attention to detail will enable me to adapt the treatment plans that will best support each individual’s needs and concerns.
Although I have had many positive experiences, I have also been through many obstacles that have held me back from the pursuit of my goals. Many tend to give up and lose hope when faced with adversity, but I believe that the only way to excel is by being patient, by fighting through obstacles, and by never losing the hope that all our hard work will bear fruit in the end. I have learned these through my struggles and I wish to use them to motivate my patients towards their recovery. People with injuries and illnesses often lose hope during the healing process, which prevents them from gaining full recovery. However, since I myself was able to overcome many trials in life, I have a strong desire to help others do the same. I will do my best to keep my patients motivated, help them fight through their obstacles, and most of all give them a sense of hope.
My strong interest in anatomy and the mechanics of the body will aid me in my pursuit of a career in physical therapy. I am very enthusiastic about the new methodologies that are emerging and I eagerly anticipate the day when I can be a part of the action and be able to do my own research. Although I am confident that I will excel in a career in physical therapy, I cannot deny that I still have a plethora of information to learn. In this regard, I believe that your university will be the best institution to help me prepare for such an exciting career. I will truly be honored should you consider my application for a slot in your respected institution.

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