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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:00
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According to Crisp and Reid (2007), recruitment is all about strategy, how a person fits in a team and whether they make it stronger. One should not recruit people who will end up weakening the team no matter how much technical skills they possess. The recruitment strategy I want to implement involves selecting the best individuals based on behavior and degree of project orientation. The most qualified applicants will have researched on the company and will have an idea of the company’s goals. A qualified applicant must also have the required technical skills, and they should have something unique to add to the team. The company has made an effort to demonstrate to the community that it is the employer of choice hoping. In order to encourage talented people to work with us.

The strategy for retaining talent is by making the working experience rewarding. People change companies for growth and advancement of their careers (Crisp & Reid, 2007). One of the ways the company plans on retaining talent is by providing learning and career development opportunities for all employees. Employees can engage in challenging tasks that will propel their careers and improve their chances of being retained in the company.

The company’s culture favors growth and learning together as a team, as well as, giving our best. The recruitment strategy will help the company obtain talented and motivated people. Such employees will help grow our company and achieve the set goals and objectives. Once we have found the right people, retaining them is crucial. Our retention strategy will give the employees an opportunity to learn different things and grow in their careers without having to work in multiple companies.

It is important to track the recruitment and retention strategy implemented to identify any necessary changes that should occur. According to Taylor (2013), the success of the strategy can be measured by assessing how long it took for the new employees to start being productive. A successful strategy should recruit employees that do not take long to perform their roles in the company. The quality of the new recruits can also be measured by their supervisors and their colleagues. A survey can determine their quality. Retention strategy can get measured by the number of vacancies in the company. High turnover might indicate that the company needs to develop new ways of retaining employees.

The uncertain element about implementing this strategy is whether the company’s standards will get lowered as we try to retain some of the talented people. I am also uncertain whether the recruitment strategy will enable us get the best available talent in the community. In order to make this plan more effective, I will require input from my peers and any alternative strategies they might have to make this plan more successful.


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