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Published: 2021-06-18 05:10:12
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Inside myself, I have always known that one day I will be a pilot. So far, life revealed to me other sides, which I fully embraced while working as a technician, a transportation operator, a nurse or a managerial postal clerk. An Eastern philosophy states that the universe responds to people’s desires and wishes, but in its own time. While I took everything life had to offer me so far, I know that this is my moment to follow my dream. Because I had to support myself and my family, I could not dedicate financial resources to my aviation practice. I am hoping to win the scholarship offered by Women in Aviation and to optimize each opportunity of learning and practicing flying towards achieving my goal of becoming a licensed pilot.
Along the years I practices and mastered various professions, learning from all of my previous roles how to be a leader and a sound member of the society. I am now determined to focus entirely on the aviation industry, committed to my long term goal of working as a military pilot in five years from now and moving into the commercial airline, serving as a carrier pilot.
Obtaining the Women in Aviation scholarship will bring me closer to my goal, by financially supporting me in my dream of learning aviation insights. In addition, with this scholarship I will have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals, which will increase my chances of soon launching my aviation career.
Until now, I have earned my previous education and training certifications on my own, gaining insightful know-how on emergency medicine, specific technical qualification, physical therapy or business management. I have received numerous awards for superior performance exerted in the U.S. Army Force, from where I was recently Honorably Discharged. With a long educational history that started in Philippines, where I obtained the Bachelor of Science in Business Management, in 2009 I took my Pre- B.S. in Nursing at Armstrong Atlantic State University, becoming a multi-disciplined and multi-skilled individual.
My most crucial needs include taking flying hours and learning how to practice aviation for military and for commercial purposes. Along with my modest savings, Women in Aviation Scholarship will offer me the opportunity to get closer to my dream of flying. I am applying for a financial scholarship for being able to afford the aviation training and the flying hours, assisted by a qualified instructor. As mentioned, I possess some modest earnings, but with the costs required for the hourly rates for flying with an instructor on aircraft and simulators, which are justifiable high (Northern Air, 2013), I need additional compensation.
I am an accountable person, responsibly engaging in various professions to this day. However, my heart is in aviation, pursuing to obtain a pilot license. I am completely prepared to put all my energy into this goal, to work as an intern, to involve as volunteer in aviation related activities, to stand close to pilots every time I have the opportunity. Achieving this scholarship is the first step for gradually fulfilling my dream.
Northern Air, Inc. (2013) Commercial Pilot Certificate. Retrieved from http://northernair.biz/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Commercical-Pilot-Costs-2013.pdf.

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