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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:43
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I toured over 20 tertiary institutions over the past few years, but Florida National University is the only university that most appealed to me. When I conducted my institution search I learned that I fancied a well-established university to a college. The relationship between the faculty and existing students, the sense of interaction among students, and the freedom, interdisciplinary arrangement of the curriculum are all very essential to me. In addition, my undergraduate experience was greatly nourished by the cultural diversity of the student body, and I am awed by Florida’s diverse history and its ongoing efforts connected to co-relation and equity.
I expect to study nursing at Florida. After my masters, I went to tour the institution. It’s an amazing place and the students I spoke to were very fond of their lectures. I also liked your curriculum because it maximizes on the time and there are very few holiday’s in between. That will enable me to complete my nursing course as fast as possible which will also help me in budgeting and my finances since I am self- sponsoring myself.
I believe nursing is more of a calling as compared to other professions. For one to dedicate ones whole life to unselfishly help others without fear or favour requires a larger than normal heart that is abundant in giving. I have always regarded humanity with the uttermost respect and the fact that nursing gives me an opportunity to preserve it means a whole great deal to me. Giving in this way is always emotionally fulfilling to me and I feel complete in so many dimensions including giving me a sense of peace of mind. If admitted it will give me a chance to be fully equipped in becoming a Florence Nightingale to others in need.
In the past, I have witnessed accidents happening and I have always experienced a sense of hopelessness. This was because in me lay this urge to do something to aid the situation. Obviously I could not do anything about it but with this opportunity I think that guilt in me would subside because I would be more prepared to help in case of an accident or an emergency. Disaster preparation has always been a field that has caught my eye and with the skills that I will get from your institution I am positive I will be in a position to render my help.
I believe I have always been an all-rounded person. I never shy away from challenges, in fact, they inspire me to be a better person and when I encounter failure I wake up dust myself and go another round. My positive attitude has helped me take great leaps of faith including the one that I seek you to humbly bestow me with the opportunity to pursue. My self-determination is also another attribute about myself that I greatly draw from in my strive for excellence. For I to go above and beyond what people consider the norm needs a lot if not more of putting effort to go that extra mile. Most of my peers have thrown in the towel in sharpening their own set of skills not because they could not, but because they were burdened by family responsibilities and mortgage which bites in their earnings. I value my family and my responsibility towards them but I also derive my strength from them and I am also doing this to secure their future to be able to amply provide them with the best possible resources that are within my limits. I think this will strongly aid me in ensuring that I fulfill that.
I am human and I most certainly have fears. I treasure my parents and I am proud of them, it would be of great disappointment if they came to know I was not able to achieve my set goals. I know they will understand if I do not make it to be admitted to your institution but I filled them with so much hope that if this does not go through it will be such a heart ache to them that is unfathomable for even me to think of.
In my spare time I like to read and I think that is why I have come to excel in my field of expertise. I read anything and everything I can get my hands on. It helps me unwind after a long day and sometimes it serves as an escape door to another experience the door without having to leave my home. I have a dog that I also take for strolls regularly in the evenings as I watch the sunsets from our nearby park
Finally, as the rest of my application clearly demonstrates, nursing is an important part of my life. I cannot think of anything I would love to do other than this. Even presented with an opportunity to change professions I would not consider any other possibility that would make me fulfilled, in short I would not change anything about myself and what I love to do. I have just finished paying my mortgage it is one of my accomplishments, please let me add this to this list. I humbly request you to grant me this opportunity to better my life and those of others. My fate lies in your hands.

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