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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:31
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- Write about a public place that continues to evoke powerfully, emotional memories for you.

I was never a fan of water fountains; fountains that we often see in movies as the hub of all romance. I did not find anything unusual in them. I mean, it is just the water that is going up and falling down from all places. Sure, it looks beautiful but only for a while. After that, it tends to get monotonous. However, my friend Julia was always researching on the internet and looking at pictures of gigantic water fountains all around the world. She was particularly a fan of those in Dubai where water shows are regularly held in the middle of the city with colorful lights and wonderful music.

There was only one water fountain in our town. In fact, it was there that both of us met. Instantaneously, we got to talk and became the best childhood buddies. Every day, Julia used to wait for me at that fountain in the morning from where we walked together to school. I always used to ask her, “What exactly excites you about this fountain? It is so boring” and she used to smile back. She said that she says a prayer and drops a coin every day into that fountain and that she believes that her prayer will be answered. I inquired her about her prayer many a time, but she refused to tell. She just said that water symbolizes life for her and that she wanted to stay close to life. I would never have understood her words. But one day, I found out that she had been admitted to the hospital, and the chances of her survival were abysmally low. Immediately, I recalled her words. She breathed her last the next day. We did not even get to say goodbye. Now every time I think about that water fountain, I remember her smile, our gossips and our cute fights.

- Have your (man) character describe the car you drive (his point of view).

Red! That is too bright for my choice. The color of the car is so bright; it could make you go blind if you stare at it for too long. It would have looked better if someone had cleaned the mud near its tires though. At least, it would have been a pleasant sight. I wonder why I notice the bad aspects of everything first; perhaps it is because life has not been very honest with me, but I want to be fair with life. I have to note both the good and the bad, and not just a good.

I peek inside the car from the window. The view that I get is quite unpleasant. It looks like the recipe of an old maid went wrong, and she has messed up the kitchen shelves in anger. Crumpled pages and old newspapers have been thrown here and there inside the car. I also see a lunchbox that has probably been lying inside for many days and whatever it holds is probably rotten by now. Dust has apparently found its home as thick layers sit on the dashboard and the steering wheel. I open the door to the car, and a putrid smell welcomes me. This car defies my sense of organizing everything perfectly to the ultimate level. It probably belongs to a spoilt teenager who is too lazy to devote even a minute to clean it.

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