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Published: 2021-06-18 06:09:35
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The ecological models were developed to further the understanding of the interrelations between various personal and environmental factors. The models bridge the gap between behavioral and anthological theories. The model's ultimate goal is the prevention of the occurrence of violence by having a clear understanding of the factors that influence violence. The four-level model helps in understanding various forms of violence and the potential strategies that can be used in the prevention. The model considers the interplay between the community, society, individuals and social relationships.

Through the model, it is possible to address the reasons why people get into the risk of perpetrating and experiencing violence.
The first level in the model addresses the individual factors in terms of personal history and biological characteristics that increase the likelihood of one becoming a perpetrator or victim of violence. These factors include age, history of drug abuse, education, history of abuse and the level of income (Jørgensen and Brian 45). The prevention measures at this level are designed to promote negative attitudes towards the drug abuse and ultimately prevent violence related from the abuse. The suitable approaches may include life skills training and including the training on drug abuse and domestic violence in the school curriculum. Relationship is the second level that examines close relationships that may increase the risk of being a victim or a perpetrator of violence. One’s closest peers in the social circle have a significant influence on their likelihood of getting involved in activities such as abuse of alcohol and other drugs, leading to domestic violence. The prevention measures that are suitable for this level include peer programs and mentoring aimed at reducing conflict, fostering problem-solving skills and promoting healthy relationships.

The third level of the model is a community where it focuses on the social settings in the community such as workplaces, learning institutions and neighborhoods in which social relationships occur. The settings of the community may influence people to get involved in drug abuse and domestic violence, and they may affect other people in the community leading to a chaotic situation. This phase aims at identifying the features of these social settings that are linked to domestic violence and drug abuse. The prevention measures at this level are designed to impact on the various policies that govern the social settings. Social marketing and social norms campaigns are used to enhance healthy relationships in the community through healthy climate.

The fourth level looks at the society as a whole. It considers the broad societal factors that create a climate where domestic violence is inhibited or encouraged. These factors include the cultural and social norms in the society. Domestic violence could further be a result of other societal factors such as high poverty levels that bring about conflicts and low education levels. Prevention measures in the fight against drug abuse and violence may include enhancing social policies that are aimed at reducing the inequalities between the different groups in the society.
In conclusion, the ecological model is very crucial to understanding the dynamics of domestic violence. The various preventive measures proposed by the model can be used in preventing incidences of domestic violence. Understanding the factors that might lead to drug abuse and domestic violence in the community, the society, and the individuals helps in designing the appropriate strategies in prevention of the crime.

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