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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:26
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Technical Communication Researching and Research Methods, Solid Research Draws from Three Kinds of Information: 1. Electronic Resources 2.Print Resources 3. Empirical Resources
Based on the information and the argument from the article, I would support the use of the devices. First, the technological advancements are moving and improving in a rapid manner. For this reason, many individuals would want to be acquainted with the new technological devices in order to keep up with the changing times and innovations in the technological world. As such, the use of these new devices would be an avenue to assist the people to use these devices to minimize the risks as argued by the proposers. Second, according to the proposers, their mobile phones or other devices while driving distract most of the drivers already("Windshield Devices Bring Distracted Driving Debate to Eye Level - The New York Times," n.d.). Despite the use of devices such as the Bluetooth receivers, most tend to reach their phones and other electronics. As such, the device, which illuminates the information on a part of the windscreens, would be of help to them by minimizing the risks associated with looking down while driving.
Hypothesis or Theory
Based on the information and the arguments in the article, the use of the windshield devices would reduce the risks of driving as opposed to the negligence of using them.
Predictions Based on the Theory
Based on the hypothesis and theory developed concerning the use of the windshield devices, certain aspects could be predicted. First, there will be an increase in the use of the instruments across the world. With shipments bound to be made internationally, most individuals would be obliged to use them because of the desire to explore new technologies. The risks associated with travelling, especially driving will reduce considerably depending on the number of people using the devices. The use of the technological windshield devices is also likely to increase the revenues of the associated companies and the economies of the different regions with the intended international shipping. Last, individuals are likely to develop mixed opinions concerning the use of the windshield devices.
Survey Questionnaire
The survey questionnaire would be elemental in the development of information and arguments that may confirm or deny the predictions. These questions act as the guide for the development of these arguments.
How effective is the use of the technological windshield devices?
How would you rate the device in terms of the reduction of the risks associated with driving?
What do you think is the attitude of people across the world towards the devices?
Is the opinion of individuals concerning the use of these devices important?
Do you think the shipping and the widespread use of the devices would have an impact on the economies and the revenues of the associated companies?
Modified Hypothesis
The effectiveness of the devices will determine the rate of risk reduction in driving with the attitude of individuals as well as opinions, which would determine the impact on the economies and the revenues as well as the associated companies.
Applications for Future
The method, which encompasses the formulation or a theory and using the theory to determine predictions and modified predictions to draw conclusions can be, used in future research. That is the development and the formulation of these hypotheses advocates and allows for the in-depth understanding of the information in question. The steps include the formulation of the hypothesis, the drawing of predictions from the hypothesis. These predictions are a guide for the development of conclusions for the arguments.
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