Good Personal Statement About A Master of Arts in Public Relations

Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:33
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A Master of Arts in Public Relations would be the best step for me to take in my educational journey to meet my career goals. The College of Communication at the University of the Arts London offers courses that will strengthen skills I have been developing as an undergraduate at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan. At the moment I am finishing my third year in the BA Honours Fashion Communication & Marketing department. My project for January is staging a Diane von Furstenberg showroom in Milan. I have benefited during my studies in Milan by learning practical management strategies and meeting the responsibilities needed to work in key areas of the fashion industry. My main focus has been on communication because I believe excellent communication, organisation and project skills are highly integrated; when skilfully used these qualities bring success.

I apply creativity and work diligently to accomplish impressive results in the events I have helped to organise and present. During the Stella Jean and Kristina Ti Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Shows the project manager relied on me for support and help during the fashion show. I also had the responsibility to dress the models. I was the Smira-Print special event organiser for a project which ran from May to September during 2013. My responsibilities were greater for the Smira-Print event and included organisation and import of denim jackets from China as well as gathering sponsors for the European Derby 2013, an annual horse race. I successfully found sponsors to pay the costs so denim jackets could be donated to the finalists. I am very proud of having created the selling points’ strategy for the denim jackets.

The Smira-Print event gave me the opportunity to use my language skills professionally. I am fluent in English, I have an Advanced Certificate in French and an Intermediate Certificate in Italian. My mother tongue is Czech so I have found that a proficiency in English and French has been very useful. I am comfortable with foreign languages because classes at my elementary and secondary schools in Ostrava, Czech Republic were based on two languages other than Czech. English and German were the basis of lessons at my elementary school; French was used to teach lessons and English was emphasized at my secondary school.

I like to do things well and I can be competitive as an individual and in cooperation with a team. I learned these talents from my experience in horse race competitions held in the Czech Republic when I was younger and then in Europe and in the United States. My experience in the horse racing competitions has been invaluable by allowing me to observe and participate in different cultures and the way they communicate.

Other practical skills I have gained include Information Technology skills such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Explorer. I am also able to use the ADOBE applications Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I have the opportunity with Public Relations to use the skills I have been developing such as good organisation, successful communication and dealing calmly and gracefully with any challenges that may arise during events.

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