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Published: 2021-06-18 05:30:58
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The Manager,
Intended Company Name,
We wish to request you to assign us with the responsibilities of a sales representative agent in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world. We are a strong and established business organization at the Saudi Arabia with a sole purpose of operating as sales representative agencies worldwide. Besides, we have been in existence for quite a long period of time as competitive sales representative agencies in the whole world and we have earned recognition from many of the reading companies in the whole world. This will be to your advantage to explore the world of business in the Saudi markets together with other Gulf countries by enjoying favorable and prevailing business climatic condition together with the arising opportunities for business in the country.
In the past, our agencies have made a tremendous progress in making viable business opportunities to companies who have previously given us these responsibilities in the Saudi and other Gulf countries. Our establishment has been able to find out markets for companies’ goods and services making them realize reasonably higher profit on returns. We have a comfortable and supportive business environment here at Saudi besides a wide variety of market opportunities for goods and services. The Saudi government has established security agencies and improved infrastructures like roads, banking and other financial institutions for the benefits on business people. We have the capacity to help your company build up a long lasting relationship with other companies in Middle East and other parts of the world. This is as a result of our good and enhanced close relationship with many companies among them being; the ARAMCO which is an oil company and SABIC a petrochemical company among others.
We hope you will consider our request for these crucial opportunities of doing business together with our agencies and therefore look forward to your kind responses.
Thank you.

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