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Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:09
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In a society, nurses are highly regarded as health care providers. The enormous role that nurses play to ensure that sick people are well taken care of and are exposed to the relevant conditions in order to overcome their illnesses cannot be underrated. Traditionally, nursing was seen as a profession primarily to ensure people were well attended to. In the modern times, however, the nurses have adopted the entrepreneurial culture. Nurses have employed their nursing education to commence business ventures within the industry of health care. This calls for the nurses to have some basic knowledge on business administration and management if their ventures are to be considered a success. One way through which the nurses achieve this is through establishing their own companies, promoting the companies and running them, similar to any business-oriented company. In doing so, the nurses may employ the development of the medical devices, systems that are computerized and some health products. Any such venture ma call for the organizers and the members to be disciplined since it circumvents both the field of nursing and business. Because of this, such entrepreneurs ought to have some basic skills such as creativity and innovations. Despite this demanding nature, many nursing organizations in America have succeeded in dealing with the two fields to promote their well-being in the society.

The Catholic Health Services is one such organization that deals with both nursing and at the same time as a business. This organization began as a ministry under the Roman Catholic. According to research and statistics, the Catholic Health Services is regarded as the largest of its kind in the Southeast region of the United States of America, serving as a post-acute provider. Its origins are based on the services of the Catholic community, and through the goodwill of the people, the organization took up the rehabilitation services of the society. Currently, this organization operates as many as twenty-six facilities in the counties of Broward and Miami. Among its branches, include Mercy Hospital, which is based in Miami and the Holy Cross Hospital, located in Lauderdale. The two hospitals serve an estimated population of 1.2 million people, providing them with a constant supply of customers in order for their business to succeed

Similar to any other business, the Catholic Health Service organization is based on a strong legal environment to provide rules and guidelines on its operations (Twomey et al. 2002). These rules and regulations define the code of conduct among its workers and the manner that the workers relate with the customers and patients. Through defining the expected code of conduct within the organization, it becomes easy and possible to prevent negative behavior that may turn away the prospective clients and customers. The legal definition of this organization also aims to ensure that the organization meets the state and the federal rules. This is very essential in order to ensure that compliance to state laws is achieved in order to avoid conflicts with the surrounding community. By this, the organization seeks to avoid any potential legal action from the government. Every employee of this organization is expected to comply with the rules and laws laid down in order to ensure the achievement of success. In the organization’s operations, it calls on its members to ‘adhere to both the spirit and letter of applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations' ((Catholic Health Association of the United States, 2003).This provides a benchmark of all the legal policies of the organization, from which other regulations and policies stem.

For any organization to succeed, it is important for it to take much interest in the social environment (Cahill, 2001). The Catholic Health Services is in a better position when dealing with the expectations of the surrounding members of the society. This is so in order to build a strong and reliable understanding with the community members. It is also crucial to build a strong rapport between an organization and the community members since the members of the community are responsible in providing opportunities. The Catholic Health Services in the United States of America has undertaken a big step to ensure that the relationship it has with the community members is strong. In essence, it achieves this through a number of processes. For instance, the organization involves itself in several charities. The organization has played a big role as a national voice and has provided the society with networking opportunities and some forms of financial support. The organization, through its initiatives, has provided free food services and housing related services to improve the general welfare of the society.
The organization is based on a strong economic setting that ensures that the service is forever in existence. Under the Financial Services Office, the organization has the ability to ensure that the funds of the organization are well and transparently used. Through aspects such as planning, monitoring, developing, safeguarding and evaluating of the fiscal affairs, the organization is based on well-defied financial system that makes it easy to handle its day-to-day activities.

In order to ensure that this organization is strong and remains relevant, the Catholic Health Service has strong and stable governance. Such stable governance is essential in ensuring that the organization’s members remain true to the mission of the service (Gunasekaran, 2010). This organization is headed by trustees who are elected by the members. Currently, the leaders include Sr Joanne Kirk, who is the chair of the trustees, Kerry James AM, who serves as the chairperson of the Catholic Healthcare Limited and David Maher, who serves as the managing director and the chief executive officer of the organization. Whereas the chair of trustees is seen to hold a superior role, all the leaders work hand in hand in order to ensure that the Catholic Health Service is successful.

As already argued above, the organization is based on a well-defined leadership and financial structure. The stability brought about by such leadership is essential in ensuring that the organization’s operations are well taken care of. Through the stable leadership, it becomes easy to address operational issues that may arise such as misappropriation of funds (Catholic Health Association of the United States, 2003). The fact that the organization has independent bodies such as the financial body gives it the ability to carry out its activities independently and without fear of complications. The organization has independent bodies that ensure that its operations are successful.

Technology has brought about a massive change in the organization’s operations. For instance, the computerized systems of the organization give it a better hand to monitor the progress of the programs and the direction that the organization takes.


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