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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:52
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AORN, (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses) is an organization that is a nonprofit organization whose members are nurses who are specialized in perioperative care in the United States with its main office in Denver. It has 41,000 registered nurses in perioperative nursing. They actively engaged in the teaching, manage and research in perioperative nursing. As such, the sole aim of the organization is to provide resources, set standards for perioperative clinical practice and publishing of AORN journal that shed lights on various research that have been done on perioperative nursing. Additionally, the organization provides a platform where members interact and share ideas on the perioperative nursing (AORN.2014).
The organization can trace its origin from 1954 when it was registered as Association of Operating Room Nurses. However, later in 1999 it changed its name to Association of periOperative Registered Nurses. The organization has been holding an annual meeting since 1954. Members meet for educational purposes and promoting the professionalism in the field (AORN.2014).

The mission of the organization is promoting safety and the best outcome of patients who are undergoing operative procedures. In addition, the organization provides practice support resources to members and professional advancement opportunities to members through scholarships and other learning forums like seminars. Furthermore, the organization works with other professionals, organizations and partners in health care to promote perioperative nursing (AORN.2014).

The organization emphasizes on good communication and cooperation before, during and after surgery. In essence, the organization advice its members to make patient feel safe by providing information to patient detailing to them the procedure which will be followed and answer all their queries. Additionally members are encouraged to work and communicate well with other practitioners during the surgery. I agree with this issue since a breakdown in the theater on communication can have a devastating effect on the patient life. A slight confusion in the theater can results in lost of life. Therefore, this issue is very significant in this professional and should be encouraged in all the health care institution. The copy of this research was published in the organization journal where members had the opportunity to learn from the research (AORN.2014).
The members of the organization benefit from the organization by having various forums e.g. the annual conference where they can exchange ideas and learn from each other. The organization also collaborates with members to undertake research in this area to add knowledge in this professional. These research findings are shared through the organization journal so that all the members can advance their knowledge (AORN.2014)


AORN. (2014). About AORN : Association of periOperative Registered Nurses. Retrieved from

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