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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:52
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Yes, there are passages that lets us think of love in new ways. Love was always just a feeling for the people who experienced it. All of the actions that accompanied it was just thought of as the euphoria of love. It is enlightening to think about love in this new context. The thought of it being intoxicating like a drug is definitely an eye-opener and a thought that is worth exploring further. Carey compared being in love, to being addicted with a drug and it is a valid comparison. In one paragraph, it states that research was done into the brain activity of people who were in love and the results analyzed. This is a whole new way of looking at love and the resulting actions of being in love.

Three of the virtues that ought to guide one’s choice for their wedding day are the ability to come to a decision or to make up one’s mind, sticking to one’s budget and maintaining high standards when deciding on a dress. With the amount of dresses that are available to brides, it is very difficult to choose, but if you are able to come to a decision, it will be less work for the consultants and fitters. Sticking to your budget no matter how tempting the dresses are, can help to alleviate any unwanted stress that the process involves. Going over budget can result in shortage in another area. The last of the three is important because a high standard is always expected of brides. Going below standards can spark animosity and unwanted remarks from the guests.

Life structure issues in a marriage are very important, not just to the couple, but to the other people who are involved. Utilizing one’s time responsibly can enable them to spend time doing the things that they are supposed to do as a family, while if one person is selfish with their time or money it can cause problems for the other. The in-laws are also ultimately involved, as the one who has the problem may voice their opinions to their in laws or friends. It is a practical matter that needs to be addressed and adjusted, even before the wedding takes place and both have to agree.

The phrase by Bernard Cooke means that whatever it is that causes the marriage to last should be the strongest point in the marriage. Not all marriages will last, but some have elements that will enable it to stand the test of time. Whether it be love, respect for each other, a sense of commitment, or shared responsibilities. Christians are expected to follow certain standards within their marriages and this should allow them to remain together and have a lasting marriage. They are expected to practice the christian faith within their marriage. If the marriage is indissoluble it is not subjected to the different moods that the couple endure. It is their perception of the love that they have agreed to share. This is a good basis on which one can build a lasting marriage.

Both the Pauline and the Petrine privileges were started in the Catholic church, because the Catholic faith did not endorse divorce, but realized that couples splitting up was inevitable sometimes. The Pauline privilege was started by Saint Paul in order to address the problems with pastors in a church located in Corinth. Possibly because the marriages that involved believers and unbelievers were rife with problems. The Pauline Privilege allowed someone who was recently baptized to enter the sanctity of a new marriage after they had been divorced from their spouse who was not baptized. The new marriage was supposed to dissolve the first one. On the other hand the Petrine privilege states that a dissolution can be made in a marriage that was not sacrimental, for the sake of their faith. One of the couple has to be baptized and one unbaptized. The dissolution would be approved when the case was submitted to the diocese at the Vatican. The Pauline privilege is more widely used than the Petrine privilege.

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