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Published: 2021-06-18 05:48:03
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Retronics was performing well during the 1990s, as it enjoyed substantial project investment boasting and financing an extensive list of clients’ big-names. When the bubble burst dot-com arose, Retronics agonized. First, the dismissals and reductions came; then the panel dismissed the initiator. In 2003, the managers employed George, who was an experienced administrator with remarkable industrial identifications and important skill in business scale structures and tasks. He had fetched in some vital new commercial. After 16 months, revenues had not recovered sufficient to excite stockholders, and additional organizations were commencing to pick off market shares of the Retronics Company. The panel was engraving its communal bases, yet George was beginning to run out of ideas.

The company has toiled to ensure that it builds on its strengths and improve on its weaknesses. The main strength of Retronics Company is that it has the best marketing skills. George who is the CEO of this company has given some of the marketers some skills of marketing. This has improved the sales of Retronics which is outstanding from other companies in the stock market. The main weakness of the company is that it does not maintain most of its employees as they are always fired. For instance George is charged with micromanagement and is likely to be dismissed anytime just like the founder who was fired. Conflict resolution is also a factor that is contributing to the company’s failure. For example, George and Shelley cannot come into terms due to their individual differences as well as their positions.

The external environment for Retronics Company is turbulent as the relationship that the company has built seems to be friendly to their neighbors. The public relation representative of the Retronics Company has helped the organization to adapt to changes in the environment. An open system is used in management of the organization hence the company is able to gather information on how productive their relationships are to their neighbors and clients. According to the case under study, George can be said to be guilty of micromanagement. This is due to his reaction to Shelley’s work that was not pleasing at first sight. He took a step to tell Shelley that her job was well done since he was not ready to irritate her.

Corporations have a contemporary influence in a society’s life. Retronics identity and image is the most critical part of the corporate communications function. The company has a public relation corporate who ensures who that the public thinks of their company in a positive way. The management also ensures that all workers, potential customers, creditors and the government at large are treated in a friendly manner. Retronics Company also ensures that all their goods have got a mark of standard. Retronics Company has got several business strategies. The management has given caution to the workers to monitor what they post in the internet. A website was created where the goods of the company are well the company ensures that customers are well served by the employees of Retronics Company.
Recently Retronics Company came up with an idea of sponsoring events so as to attract more customers to the company. The clients of Retronics Company have always appreciated the products that the company manufactures. Therefore the company has created good reputation by being honest with their products.


Retronics Company can perform better in the business world if an effort is made in employing enough personnel who can help in managing the company. The company should be able to maintain its employees just as it does to the customers. Conflicts between employees within the company should be solved amicably to create better working conditions for the employees. The board should establish a good relationship with the employees so as to achieve transparency within the company.


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