Sample Argumentative Essay On Does Technology Make US Alone

Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:23
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Thesis Statement
The increase in the use of technology has greatly affected how individuals relate and interact with each other. Technology does lead us to isolation. According to Grossman (2014), technology has allowed more individuals to have direct access to social media and the internet. Hence peoples’ behavior have changed in the sense that people are spending more time on their phones and communication via these means is more than physical communication with other individuals. The use of technology has resulted into a number of detrimental effects on users. In some cases, the increase use of technology especially for children who are addicted to online gaming has been considered a major issue in a country such as China. Internet addiction is considered a psychiatric disorder in some countries, such as China. The increasing worrying trend and the increase in bad behavior associated with use of technology especially online pornography and gambling have necessitated a big debate in most countries around the world. Human face-to-face interactions are becoming more and more fragile. Additionally, cases of individuals having psychotic breakdowns because of overusing technology have been reported (Dokoupil, 2012).
- The increasing use of technology is directly affecting how individuals relate to one another. According to Jayson (2012), the use of devices such as the iPhone can interrupt dinner meetings with the constant buzzing. Despite the fact that technology increases social networking, the level of strong ties in these relationships is decreasing (Jayson, 2012). It is a common scenario for people to have more than 1000 friends on Facebook. In the business world, technology can be intrusive in meetings (della Cava, 2012).
- However, the interaction of individuals on these social networks is not at a level you would form with knowing someone face-to-face. One can argue that social networks enhance relationships that have already been established on a face-to-face level and do not contribute in enhancing new relationships, which start on the use of social media. Individuals tend to focus more on their internet relationships than on the physical relationships (Martin, 2013).
- Internet Addiction:
- Internet access in most devices increases and influences the behavior patterns of individuals. Currently, in the social networks it is common to have individuals create fake profiles just to get other people’s attention or maybe uses it for some fraudulent activity. Cyber stalking has been on the rise as more individuals have access to other people’s private information accessed easily on the social networks (Kennedy, 2013)
- Kennedy (2013) notes that the increase access to internet has developed online addictions behaviors such as pornography and gambling (Omole and Ayeni, 2013). These activities normally encourage isolation by virtue of their nature. Gambling often results to individuals making poor financial decisions (Gibson, 2011).
- Impact of technology on Health
- Sleep deprivation
- Increasing use of devices such as Smartphones interferes with a person’s sleep patterns (Grossman, 2014).
- Mental Health
- Individuals that are addicted to the internet tend to be attached to using it to the level that it may cause psychotic breakdowns. Dokoupil (2012), notes that overuse of the internet may cause reactive psychosis.
Technology doesn’t lead us to isolation
According to the Daily Mail (2009), the levels of human isolation have remained unchanged since 1985. Further, the articles argues that majority of people who have access to the internet on the mobile phones can be linked to a charity organization. Despite the idea that technologies does not lead to isolation it is important to note that the isolation is associated with the detrimental effects associated with the use of technology. New relationships formed via social networks lack the emotional ties liked with normal face-to-face relationships.
Technology affects people differently. Individuals that have developed the ability to manage internet use derive the best out of using the internet. In order to reduce the adverse effects associated with the overuse of technology, it is important to develop strategies individual can use to address their addictive and behavioral use of the internet.
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