Sample Course Work On Engineering Profession

Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:45
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Part 1: Roles of an engineer

1. A project engineer is in charge of managing projects and supervising staff by providing administration support. Engineers are usually involved in projects and therefore they play an active role in the management of a project. This is achieved by ensuring that the project is within its scope, schedule, and budget. Engineers also offer administration support during project and can be in charge of managing the staff working on the project [].

2. The main role carried out by engineers is analyzing engineering problems that arise. Engineers are constantly faced by problems that they need to solve through the development of solutions. In order to come up with effective solutions the engineer must be able to analyze the problem faced efficiently []. This is achieved by critically examining the problem in order to find out its causes so that the solution developed is effective.

3. An engineer is also involved in the designing and development of engineering solutions that are time and cost effective. Once a problem has been analyzed effectively, the engineer is charged with developing a solution. This is a critical stage in engineering as it helps engineers come up with solutions that are feasible and that can easily be implemented. This is done through the use of mathematical models, prototyping, and computer aided design [].

4. An engineer is also involved in the implementation of engineering solutions developed. Implementation of solutions is important as it ensures that the developed solution is helpful in solving the problem. An engineer must be able to implement the solution that he or she has developed physically and ensure that it works.

5. Engineers must also carry out routine maintenance of engineering equipment. Once equipment is installed, an engineer is in charge of ensuring that any engineering equipment installed is well maintained in order to ensure that equipment run smoothly without breaking down [].

6. Engineers must also be able to collaborate with other experts in different fields. Projects bring together individuals from different educational backgrounds. Therefore, an engineer must be able work with such individuals and provide them with the support that they require. Furthermore, engineers must be able to work with other individuals during a project in order to meet the project’s objectives. This is essential as it helps in fostering teamwork, collaboration, and innovation [].

7. An engineer must also perform site visits and inspections for ongoing projects. For example, during the running of the project a civil engineer needs to carry out site visits and inspections in order to ensure that the structures being built meet the required safety and structural specifications. This helps in ensuring that projects meet the required level of quality and safety [].

Part 2: Role in engineering that intrigue me the most

I am very interested in chemical engineering since engineers in this field are involved in the design and production of everyday products such as soap, petroleum products, plastics, medicine, food, and synthetic fabrics. This makes chemical engineering an important field as this are products that people use every day. Chemical engineers are also involved in conservation programs aimed at improving the state of the world’s environment. This is done through the implementation of proper waste management programs as well as the management of chemical waste. Chemical engineers are also in charge of developing proper disposal programs for any chemical waste. I am interested in conservation efforts; therefore, this role greatly intrigues me.

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