Technology And Globalization Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-18 06:10:46
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The forces of global relationships have allowed an identification of people with different regions implying that most people relate to the world community. This has been made possible by improvements in technology characterized by modern information systems, transportation, and communication technologies. (Information Resources Management Association., and Khosrow-Pour, 2001). Increasingly, this has strengthened the ability to connect to the globe through participation in global economy, promotion of environmental sustainability, and conflicts management and resolution.

Technology has changed the means of knowledge acquisition, reliability, and dependency of facts. Before the invention of the internet, for example, knowledge was attainable through books, and other written material. With technology knowledge is received through the internet where all the information needed can be acquired (Wessner, and National Research Council (U.S.), 1999). Technology has also boosted social relations through enabling fast communication, for example through emails, cutting down on social costs such as those related with environment, and through social sites where the globe has been integrated into a meeting space. However, there is need for regulations on its use on social media as to some extent the social media has contributed to social indifferences.

A technical and global community involves all societies from developed and developing markets enabling implementation of policies that are suitable for convergence of needs in every society. This is, however, challenged by lack of infrastructure as a result of the narrowed view that ICT only means computers and internet (Information Resources Management Association., and Khosrow-Pour, 2001).
Technology has enabled me to meet different people with different diversities and opinions over the internet. It has enlarged my thinking, and decision making from the need to understand and value the differences in the global community. This has influenced my way of forming relationships, understanding different originalities, and valuing everyone’s perspectives.


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