The Benefits Of Earning A College Degree Biography Example

Published: 2021-06-18 05:21:16
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Ideally it takes some time for people to understand the benefits of a college degree where many attempt to skip it although this perception is influenced by the people around you. For a better life to be attained one has to obtain moral support from both parents right away from childhood as well as relevant encouragement towards personal development which can be achieved from relatives, friends or one’s marriage partner. In this paper, I discuss the pathway that I followed to realize the benefits of earning a college degree from a poor beginning.
Rising up as a kid with only a single sibling, I continually struggled to determine my position as well as place in life. Truly, my mother happened to be a single parent where she managed to raise her family via part time job as she still attended her part time classes in school. My father happened to be absent to take the necessary responsibilities; I felt that life was to be tough however my uncle played a great role in bringing me up during the early ages.
Life seemed to be easy during the grade school but gradually changed when I got to the 5th grade when my uncle left for the military, a situation that left me hurt and devastated. As time passed by my behavior slowly began to change necessitating to failure during my 6th grade. I was suspended from school as a result of being unruly as I got to my 7th grade, but my father just brushed the condition off as if it was not a serious case.
I ultimately got back to my senses and chose to change my life as I moved to the 8th grade after passing my 7th grade exams. It will be, as a result, documented that my life fully changed for the better during my 8th grade, a time when my uncle had returned from the military. I began being involved in sports where I joined the basketball team. After completing my middle school studies, I joined high school where I proceeded to participate in sports, and further began playing football. I was very lucky enough to secure my first employment at McDonalds. I still remained close to my uncle as he fully inspired me to attain as well as to establish a good life through my studies.
Time passed on, but I still ran short of ideas of what to do immediately after high school. It will be recognized that I eventually came up with a rational choice where I decided to attend trade school during my last two years in high school. I was geared at doing auto body collision maintenance, but my plans failed to mature after I graduated and I was very unfortunate since I did not have some other back up plans. I, in fact, passed through various factory works a situation that made want to know the benefits that essentially come across obtaining a college degree.
Three years later after high school I decided to join Akron State University after realizing that my life was truly going nowhere. I managed to pass the ASVAB test and joined the Army, where now I believed that this would my stepping stone to my dream job where I intended to become an agent of Border Patrol. I still never understood the benefits that are associated with having a college degree until I eventually realized that possessing a degree within a military setting would, in fact, put you in a better position than the other applicants.
It took me time to understand how my future would be influenced by my college degree after I underwent divorce and met my woman of a dream. I even admired my uncle, who previously, pursued a degree in educational administration. My newly married wife clearly changed my perceptions towards life where I began to push myself to do better. She always stood by me and believed in me and finally influenced me to pursue a degree in law enforcement/criminal justice. In conclusion, it takes many people a lot of time to understand the benefits that accrue from obtaining a college degree soon after finding it hard in life. However, a college degree helps in improving both the financial and personal status reducing the dependency from other members of the family.

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