Thesis On The Personal Values and Virtues of Being Hardworking

Published: 2021-06-18 07:03:22
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My father is a hardworking, honest and loving man. His life is basically founded on such personal principles and values which enabled him raised us as well as managing our family in a successful manner. His values or virtues are founded on his strong Christian background where he believes in being honest s well loving people without limit especially his family. His values of integrity or honesty are easily exposed in the way he handles issues in our family since he insists on telling the truth all the time believing that it will set one free open ways for solutions rather than hiding the reality. Him being a loving person, it has enabled our family to bond and stay together without much internal conflicts since everybody is closely attached to him. His hard work is also a great personal value which has enabled him to cater for our family as well as ensuring that the family is well provided for. His effort and toil on work is an inspiring factor which made us to follow him in achieving our dreams and objectives in life. My father is therefore shaped by what he believes as being the best thing to do to the family and the society in general.

The personal value of being hardworking man has enabled my father to do many constructive things to make a living from. It is clearly reflected that he is a hardworking man from the efforts and skill he has invested in business and turning it into an expansive business within a few years. He concentrates mostly on his business such that h is aware of all operational as well as managerial issues regarding his business. Despite the fact that he is endowed with many tasks and responsibilities, he still manages to manage the family institution successfully. He sets time that he spends with us in order to ensure that the family is well taken care of both in relation to emotional aspects as well as any form of support that our family needs. His hard work is also portrayed by the fact that he wakes up early in the morning in order to ensure that all things and operations are set in place in the right manner, place and time so that everything flows smoothly. He invests a lot of energy, skill and time in his work other than luxury or leisure and this has enabled him to achieve much within a short time. His values and virtues of hard work and resilience have inspired everybody in our family such that the issue of laziness is eradicated in our family.

The strong Christian background have made my father develop and internalize the value of integrity and being honest. This has greatly influenced the nature and life of my father such that he cannot tolerate a single or minor act of dishonesty. He is t in relation to telling the truth and doing the right things at the right time without manipulating the truth. This value of honesty has enabled him achieve much in life without having to use the dishonest ways and tricks. His work does not contain malpractices and acts of dishonesty and he has always exposed the truth no matter the cost with the belief that it will set him free to do such things even in a more appropriate manner. His personal values of being honest have enabled his business to grow successfully and building a good reputation as well as goodwill in the community. This has enabled his business attract many customers due to the belief of getting the right goods and services without manipulation.

My father is a loving man and this virtue is portrayed in the way he handles our family with much care and concern. He ensures that he has enough time to spend with us in order to guide us in relation to the challenges that we face in life. He also guides us on the roles we should play both to our family and the society in general in order to better the society in general. He insists on taking care of the neighbors when they are in problems and tough situations. He always engages in community activities in order to help the less fortunate in our society. He started a community based program that facilitates care of the disabled people in our community. This great work is a drive from his heart because he loves people and he does not like see people suffer. His loving heart has also enabled our family to bond together as well as avoiding the domestic conflicts which are currently rampant in the society. This has also encouraged us to embrace his values of being a loving person such that our lives can run smoothly in a better manner as he did.

In conclusion, the personal values and virtues of being hardworking, loving and honest are rooted on his strong religious background and upbringing. These values have enabled him gain much success in life as well as living a happy life without much conflicts of interest. He was able to perform great things in life due to the personal values that he embraced. His success and performance in life is therefore attributed to his personal values mainly honesty and hard work.

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